Mental Training Inc. (MTI) is pleased to announce its partnership with BePro Football, a cutting edge leader in the football world taking a vastly different approach to training.

BePro: Boldness: Equality: Passion: Resources: Openness.

BePro’s project, MyFootballCamp is designed for individual players, clubs, football academies and schools in 4 continents: Europe, Asia, America and Australia. In 3 different categories: Residential, Day and Weekend Camps and for many different age groups. The project offers an unforgettable and unique opportunity for young football players to not only improve their skills on the field but also learn about the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, nutrition, injury prevention, sport technologies and commitment.

That’s where MTI comes in. Every soccer program, club and family needs access to high quality Mental Skills Training, and MTI is the only company in the world currently positioned to deliver it. MTI’s entire offering of programs, like CAP (Coach, Athlete, Parent), can be delivered long-distance through its online tools and network of Certified Mental Trainers®.

MTI is proud to provide exclusive Mental Skills Training to every Coach, Athlete and Parent involved with BePro. BePro is a new powerhouse in the world of football. This company strives to shift the paradigm in training by using a holistic approach. MTI’s CAP program is the perfect resource to that end.