When you become an MTI Strategic Partner, you can license patent-pending online mental training services for the benefit of your members, to increase sales, or to generate a new revenue stream for your organization. Here are some examples:

Businesses or Sports Organizations

  • Enhance the value of your sport-related product or service by offering your customers free access to Online Mental Trainer as a “purchase bonus” (OMT Product Enhancement Service)
  • Use convenient online testing & training to improve staff retention & productivity (Mental Testing)
  • Provide affordable, custom online mental training to all your employees (with OMT)
  • Educate managers on mental training and healthy leadership styles (with CMC)
  • Contract with MTI to create a custom or cobranded online mental training service

Schools, ISD’s & Colleges

  • Provide affordable, custom mental training to all your student-athletes (with OMT)
  • Certify all your coaches on mental training and healthy coaching styles (with CMC)
  • Educate parents about how to behave in appropriate and healthy ways (with PMT)
  • Offer MTI online services as a fund raiser or for booster clubs

MTI’s Online Services

Online Mental Trainer (OMT)

OMT is the first and only web-based tool that generates a custom mental training program and then teaches the skills people need to improve their performance. OMT is affordable and gives access to the same quality of information used by professional and Olympic performers. www.OnlineMentalTrainer.com

Certified Mental Coach (CMC)

The CMC course is the first fully online, Flash-based, mental skill coach certification system anywhere in the world. It is designed for business managers and athletic coaches who would like to add mental skills training and coaching concepts to their existing knowledge base. www.CertifiedMentalCoach.com

Parent Mental Trainer (PMT) – in development

PMT has been designed to educate parents about healthy and supportive ways of behaving. Parents can become highly distracting if they insist on coaching from the sidelines, displaying excessive negativity or pessimism, focusing only on outcome and disregarding effort and attitude, constantly complaining, or otherwise being high maintenance individuals. PMT is simple and low cost, and completion can be required by coaches to enable student participation.

OMT Product Enhancement Service

If your business or organization sells a sport-related product or service, you can license OMT as a “product enhancement.” This innovative value-added service enables you to distinguish what you’re selling from the competition. Imagine a consumer deciding which product to purchase, yours or your competitors. Now imagine that your product includes free mental training. For “motivating” the sale of your product, you would pay MTI a tiny commission of a few cents, based on the volume of your sales. Your new customer can access OMT to improve their performance.