Mental Training, Inc. was developed with the intention to assist performers in various fields of sports, business, and performing arts to benefit from the most advanced techniques and processes which can improve their mental awareness. Within the realm of Mental Training, Inc., child sports psychology is offered and in the same way that the training allows adults to develop at their full potential. The child sports psychology effectively allows children to deal and control their emotions and thoughts. This hands-on approach will give child athletes a chance to develop and improve their mental skills with competitive exercise. The child sports athletes will be able to achieve optimal performance within their chosen field of sports. Originally, Mental Training, Inc. was created by Dr. Robert Neff, who holds more than ten years of experience within the sectors of both business and athletic consulting and training. Ideally, Mental Training, Inc.’s objective is to allow children to reach their full sporting potential by way of practical and hands-on child sports psychology and in addition, this child sports psychology will be able to offer them useful assistance within other areas in their life and will encourage the child to strive for the best results.

Many children have self-doubt or undermine their ability as athletes and with effective child sports psychology, these self-doubting thoughts will be transformed into positive and affirming thoughts and actions and the child will realize their full potential. In addition to assisting children, Mental Training, Inc., is able to extend their mental training services to a number of spheres, including business, sports, and other performance industries, such as acting, music and dancing. With affirmative and positive mental reconditioning, participants within these fields will no longer focus on negative thoughts and emotions and in so doing, their skills will be greatly enhanced and they will perform at their best. In order to obtain success, the child must be shown how to best control both their thoughts and emotions, and with child sports psychology, they will be taught effective methods that will allow them to focus on positive mental thoughts and emotions and excel at their chosen sport.

Mental Training, Inc.’s staff has received professional training that will allow them to serve well as child sports psychology mentors, and since the team undergoes regular training they are kept well updated with the evolving techniques within the field of mental training and child sports psychology. The program used in the child sports psychology has been developed for child athletes as well as coaches and sports’ teams and has delivered incredible all-round results. Utilizing a variety of concepts as well as individualized activities within the child sports psychology program, the child will be actively encouraged to "reach for the stars" and perform at his/her best. For more information regarding Mental Training, Inc. please feel free to view our website,, and learn more about the MTI team. Should you be seeking methods to improve your child’s game, or to enjoy an increase level of self-confidence, the Mental Training, Inc.’s child sports psychology program will deliver real results.