Mental Training, Inc. (MTI) provides athletes and performers with customized information and training to learn and strengthen the mental skills necessary for consistent optimal performance. Our most common client is an athlete, performer or business person who is talented, hard-working, but underperforming. In 2006, the Founder of MTI incorporated the concepts, clients and assets of his 15yr old performance enhancement sole proprietorship. With a current staff of 24 Mental Trainers, clients now include amateur and professional athletes, Olympic gold medal winners, as well as individuals from most every sport or activity that has a performance component.

MTI’s growth strategy involves the creation of the revolutionary MentalApp™ that clients can use to learn mental skills, track their progress and improve their performance. Because of the innovative design of this app, athletes are able to get affordable, customized mental training whenever they need it. MentalApp™ enables MTI to effectively access the entire multi-billion dollar sport and performance market world-wide. MTI has registered the term “Mental Trainer” and owns the trademark to its use. Over the next 24 months, MTI will be adding over 100 Mental Trainers® who will reside in major markets around the world. Immediate growth opportunities also exist in the development of Executive Coaching programs, educational programs, government programs (CIA, Navy Seals and other Armed Forces), as well as the partnership of MTI with big-box fitness facilities and those businesses specializing in elite athlete speed and agility training. In addition, all MTI’s online services are being translated in multiple languages.

Because everyone performs every day but few people know how to control thoughts and emotions, the potential market is enormous, currently estimated at $200 billion world-wide. The US is a sports-crazed country that values high performance. However, there is surprisingly very little competition for the mental training services MTI provides. In short, the mental training market potential is enormous, the competition is very small, MTI has unique and protected intellectual property, and it owns a highly effective process that produce results.

MTI is debt-free and currently cash-flow positive after 3 consecutive years of growth above 50% annually. Texas A&M Mays School of Business recently completed a comprehensive valuation of MTI and concluded the following.

Equity Value (February 2013): $27million ($2.60/share).

Valuation Formula: Multiply the Free Cash Flow by an EBIDTA multiple of 8, then multiply by a Present Value Factor of .63, and then add Net Present Value Interim Free Cash Flows.

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