Our 4 Mental Training Service Categories

Welcome to MTI. Since 2006, our group of Certified Mental Trainers® (CMTs) has been expanding across the U.S. and into 10 countries. Because we all use online video conferencing to provide mental training, we’re able to train people anywhere in the world and at very affordable rates.

What we’ve found is that most people spend the bulk of their training time on their physical skills and almost completely ignore their mental skills. However, most everybody agrees that it’s mental toughness that separates the good athletes from the great. Some athletes get it through trial and error, but the rest of us must train mentally. So where do we start and what do we do? That’s where MTI comes in!

Our online individual and group mental training services are customized to your needs and accessible wherever you are. We know our assessment and training processes work well because we measure them. Annually for the past 10yrs, we’ve been tracking the confidence, motivation and performance of our clients. The numbers have been consistent – on average our clients show improvements of over 50% after following their program for 2 months, and over 100% after 6 months. Our training is effective, convenient and affordable!

Select the appropriate tab below to learn more about our services and pricing. We look forward to the possibility of working with you.”

– Dr. Bob Neff, MTI Founder and Master Mental Trainer®

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Online self-paced and guided sessions with video conferencing for individual athletes, coaches, parents, performers or business professionals.

MTI has more than a dozen Certified Mental Trainers® (CMTs) who teach our highly effective method of building mental toughness. Sessions are conducted through online video conferencing (called ZOOM) with people of all ages, experience levels and sports, living anywhere in the world. Pricing varies somewhat based on type of service and CMT experience, but in every case, a monthly payment plan is available.

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Customized online mental training programs for athletic teams as well as high school and college athletic departments. Also included is separate training for coaches (and parents if appropriate).

This service is a Mental Trainer® led live group online training for Coaches, Athletes, and Parents, which we call CAP. The CAP cost is calculated based on the size of the group, and the per user cost gets smaller as the group size increases. The fee can be easily added to the existing monthly or annual dues each athlete pays. CAP comes bundled with an online course for coaches, 2 courses for athletes, and a course for parents. CAP has been designed to provide mental training for individual teams, entire athletic departments, private academies, and large sports clubs, all at a very affordable price.

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Begin or enhance your career in applied sport psychology by gaining the content, processes and support necessary to enhance the performance of athletes and performers anywhere in the world.

This certification is designed for people who have completed (or are in the late stages of) a graduate degree in sport psychology or a related field. MTI teaches its best-practices and content, gives access to it’s online technology and apps, and provides the necessary business training and support. Included are the MTI logos, marketing materials, sales process, training content, website inclusion, and even initial referrals and sales support. We’ve built this mental training certification to be the best in the industry.

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MTI’s expert speakers deliver powerful keynote presentations as well as half and full day workshops. Ideal for corporations & large organizations.

Hire a Certified Mental Trainer® to speak at your event. Our speakers have competitive experience and graduate degrees in sport psychology, mental training or performance enhancement. Topics include: How to Build Mental Toughness; Using Adversity to Enhance Performance; Overcoming Nervousness and Anger; Finding the Performance Zone; or a custom topic you choose. Prices range from US$2,500-$18,000 and are dependent on the number of follow-up sessions, if break-out groups are desired, and amount of travel.

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People from around the world contact us for assistance, citing common blocks like:

  • “I’m experiencing a plateau, and I need a breakthrough.”
  • “The pressure to perform is hurting my results and my health.”
  • “I want to ensure that all my hard work and preparation pays off.”
  • “There are so many others I’m competing with – I need an edge.”
  • “I choked last time, and this time needs to be different.”
  • “I’m tired of not performing up to my ability when it matters the most.”