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About Mental Training Inc.

Mental Training, Inc. (MTI) was founded in 2006 and is based in Dallas, Texas.

The mission of MTI is to be a catalyst for success. Our team provides tools and support for athletes and performers to strengthen their mental skills for optimal performance. The core of our work involves teaching people how to control their thoughts and emotions so they can perform their best when it matters the most.

We work with a variety of age, experience, and competitive levels within a multitude of sport, business, and other performance industries.

Please enjoy the information you find on the MTI site.

Mental Training Services

After looking through the site, if you would like more information about our services or would like to set up a free initial session, please complete the process in the mental training services area.

What Makes MTI a World Leader?

MTI is a team of Certified Mental Trainers® who use cutting edge technology to build mental toughness skills that enable more consistent peak performance.
Our technology is what powers our success. We’ve built the first ever automated, online, mental training courses for coaches and parents. Then, in order to give our clients the tools to learn, practice & track their progress, we built the million-dollar MentalApp® that works on all phones, tablets and computers anywhere in the world.
We waded through the hundreds of mental skills available and chose the simplest, most effective, easiest ones to learn. As a result, the skills only require a few minutes of practice a day, so anyone can use them.
Our unique training process enables “mental skill mastery” by ensuring athletes achieve each of the 3 essential parts: Understanding, Habit Formation & Application. If skills are forgotten, they can’t be applied. Effective application of skills in the face of adversity is how we define mental toughness!

MTI’s Mental Toughness Process

3-Core® Skills (quiet mind) 40%
Self-Talk Skills (ideal thoughts) 60%
Emotion Wheel® (ideal emotions) 80%
Zone-5® States (peak performance) 100%