Mental Funk can be described as a mental state of feeling inadequate, frightened or even depressed about your inability to move through something or reach a higher level. When we are talking about performance, mental funk describes a state of being that impacts negatively on our ability to achieve the results we are striving for. It refers to the thoughts, emotions and blocks that may affect our performance, whether we are an athlete, dancer or executive and regardless of our age or competitive level. If you are experiencing blocks or trouble moving through your emotions about an issue you may not even have a vision for achieving more.

Mental training is a way of helping an individual or team to move through feelings of ‘mental funk‘ and reach a higher level of understanding and success. Mental Training Inc. (MTI) has been training athletes, performers and professionals for improved and strengthened mental capability since it was launched in 2006. Their mission is to be a catalyst for your success by giving you the tools and support to help you control your thoughts and emotions; the mental funk.

Mental Training Inc. was founded by Dr Robert Neff who has over 15 years experience working with individuals and teams to help them move through mental funk towards optimal thinking and success. The MTI team is experts in the field of mental training and they are constantly reviewing their techniques and tools to ensure that they are always offering the best to their customers.

Mental training is not about mental illness. While Dr Neff and his team are psychologists, engaging their services does not suggest that you are suffering from a mental disorder. MTI works with people who wish to improve their mental capabilities in order to achieve a higher level of success in their chosen field. A champion result is possible with the right mental training. Just as you have trained body or educated your mind to get where you are now, you can train your mind through any emotional blockage to help you get more out of what you are doing.

To find out more about mental training and Mental Training Inc. you can visit them on the Web at The website also features testimonials from some of the elite performers they have worked with. To get started, give MTI a call on (877) 744-5365. They will arrange an initial consultation with you to discuss your needs and determine if their services can help you through your mental funk.