Mental Training, Inc. was founded by Dr. Robert Neff in 2006. Dr. Neff is the CEO of the company which was established after fifteen years of athletic and business counseling in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. Mental Training, Inc. endeavors to be the leading source for sports psychology consultations for athletes to help them develop the necessary mental toughness. Having prepared themselves physically with dedicated sacrifice, endurance and strength athletes arrive at the Mental Training facility looking for sports psychology consultation for the preparation of the mental toughness required to participate in high level sporting competition. The online site of Mental Training, Inc. has been established to reach and inform a broader audience of athletes who realize they need sports psychology consultation with a leading facility and first class trainers.

Dr. Neff of Mental Training has provided sports psychology consultation and training for athletes and performers since 1990 and clients have included national junior and collegiate champions, touring professional athletes, world champions and Olympic champions residing in the Dallas Metroplex and around the world. Dr. Neff is on the United States Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry and is certified through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. He is also a certified USPTA and USTA high performance coach who was a former college varsity and professional athlete. Brad Juric MA is a Director of Mental Training at Mental Training, Inc. and holds a Masters degree of psychology with an emphasis on sports psychology from San Diego State University. Brad Juric is currently completing a doctorate in the same discipline at the University of North Texas. In 2003 he worked in the field of applied sports psychology in Southern California before bringing his expertise to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. He is affiliated with AASP and APA Division 47 and is also a former collegiate athlete.

In the process of assisting with the development of mental toughness for athletes by providing sports psychology consultation and guidance Mental Training, Inc. is continually enhancing the abilities of its elite team and ensuring optimal techniques for the success of athlete clients. The Mental Training facility has clients of various ages, experience, and competitive levels within a multitude of sporting disciplines and they are all desirous of breaking through the plateau they have reached by partaking in the beneficial sports psychology consultation and training. The core of the work involves teaching athletes how to master and control their thoughts and emotions, in order to better reach their goals, to rid themselves of performance anxiety and give of their best at the most crucial times.

The professional and highly qualified team of Mental Training, Inc. provides all the tools and support required with its sports psychology consultation and training. The coaches of the Mental Training facility combine the core concept with individualized activities to create customized mental skills training (MST) programs for each athlete or team. An initial meeting of prospective clients is required by the team of Mental Training to allow clients and coaches to ascertain whether the athletes would be make good candidates for the sports psychology consultation training programs.