Mental Training, Inc. (MTI), a world leader in mental skills training programs, is proud to announce a new in-person group mental skills training program in Italy for athletic coaches and business professionals.

The mission of Mental Training, Inc. (MTI) is to provide high quality mental skills training to athletes, coaches, parents, business professionals and military vets worldwide. MTI is the first in the world to offer automated and in-person training in multiple languages and countries. For its in-person services, MTI must have qualified bi-lingual partners to assist in the delivery.

“We are excited to have partnered with Alberto Biffi and his passionate group of Italian trainers to help coaches understand the importance of mental skills training, and the key role coaches have in enabling high performance.” says Dr. Bob Neff, Founder and CEO of MTI.

The Certified Mental Coach (CMC) course incorporates over 20 years of research in mental skills training into an online, automated system that uses short videos to teach the content. Because of the difficulty of translating CMC into every language, MTI is instead partnering with groups in various countries. These support programs involve a retreat and then follow-up in-person trainings in the native language. In this way, coaches and managers are able to complete the online CMC course regardless of their ability to speak English.

When enrolled in the CMC Support Program, Italian coaches begin by attending a 4-day retreat in beautiful San Servolo, Venice. There they are introduced to the online course content as well as the instructors. Over the next 3 months, the instructors guide the coaches through the course content and prepare them to complete all required testing. The Certified Mental Coach certification is recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as the National Association for Fitness Certification. Graduates become proficient at integrating mental skills into the sport and work environments to improve preparation and performance.

MTI’s Italian partners will host additional CMC course trainings at the same idyllic location throughout 2014. For more information, contact Alberto Biffi at

About Mental Training, Inc.
Mental Training, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Robert Neff, Ph.D. with the goal of helping good athletes become great. MTI and its team of Certified Mental Trainers® offer 1-on-1 mental training for amateur, professional, and Olympic athletes. Services also include programs designed for teams, associations and school districts. Extending beyond sports, MTI also works with executives, managers and salespeople, helping them control their thoughts and emotions while equipping them with the mental tools to perform their best when it matters most.