Mental Training, Inc. (MTI) is proud to announce the launch of the first-ever mental training mobile app, called MentalApp®. This cross-platform mobile application builds mental toughness by teaching athletes how to handle anxiety, fear, frustration, distractions and low motivation. It also enables coaches and parents to view their athlete’s mental training so they can provide support and accountability.

Mental Training, Inc. (MTI) is a Dallas-based firm that provides customized, affordable mental training to athletes and business professionals around the world. All performers face mental challenges that are surprisingly similar. Each must set challenging goals, persist through adversity, control their emotions and be at their best when opportunities arise. Unfortunately, most people have no idea how to do that! As highly visible pro and Olympic athletes point to the effectiveness of mental training, the demand for these services is rising sharply. MentalApp® is how the average person can gain access to what the high performers are doing.

The perception by many athletes and coaches has been that mental training is expensive, too complicated and inconvenient. As a result, physical training becomes the only focus, even though research is clear that mental training is necessary for consistent peak performance. MentalApp® overcomes each of these issues by using short videos to teach key mental skills, sending automated reminders & rewards, and providing a customizable monitoring chart to track progress. Mental training just became simple!

“Over the past 15yrs, we’ve become really good at working 1on1 with athletes to improve their mental toughness. We’re excited now to finally be able to offer affordable, convenient mental training to the larger population.” said Dr. Robert Neff, Founder and CEO of Mental Training Inc. “With MentalApp®, athletes and business people anywhere in the world can learn the mental skills they need to perform their best when it matters the most.”

MentalApp® will help athletes LEARN 15 key mental skills, PRACTICE them, and then be able to TRACK performance improvements. MentalApp® is compatible with all iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry phones. It’s been targeted for teens, but can be used by people of any age who have a smartphone.

MentalApp® has also been designed to make it much easier for sport or business professionals, as well as athletic coaches and personal trainers, to track the mental and physical training progress of each individual athlete, and even of entire teams or clubs. “Knowing what your athletes are doing and how they’re training is essential to effectively supporting them.”