“CAP is the first comprehensive program that provides mental training for coaches, athletes and parents – all online and at one affordable price.” – Dr. Bob Neff MTI Founder

When all 3 groups engage in mental training, research shows that coaches are more effective, athletes perform better and parents make a much more positive impact. Learn the mental skills necessary to develop confidence, get in the zone, handle emotions and thrive under pressure. Instead of waiting for mental problems to start, you can now strengthen mental skills in advance of adversity.

Since 2012, MTI has been publishing its internal data showing the effectiveness of its group mental training. Here’s the latest results:

2018 CAP Research
Participants: 54 athletes age 13-17 (32 boys, 22 girls)
Sports Teams: Golf, soccer, tennis
Design: Pre-test to establish baseline; Retests monthly
Assessment Tool: Self-Report Likert Scale (1=low to 10=high)
Dependent Variables: Motivation, confidence, performance
Program: MentalApp® + Zone-5 Athlete, Coach & Parent courses + Mental Trainer® group meetings (2 per month)

3 Month Results:
Athletes improved significantly over baseline (Motivation >90%; Confidence >100%; Performance >90%)

CAP Research Results


CMC is a high quality online mental skill coach certification course. It uses advanced Flash Animation technology to present content in clear, memorable ways.

Written by one of the most famous sport psychology researchers in the world, CMC is designed for athletic coaches who would like to add mental skills training and coaching concepts to their existing knowledge base.

Coaches will learn what the key mental skills are and how to implement them.


MentalApp is the first mobile app designed to help athletes and performers develop mental skill mastery.

The biggest benefits of MentalApp are the ability to train groups of any size or skill level and the added support athletes are provided.

For the first time, coaches, sport psychologists and parents can know what their athletes are doing, how they’re training, and how to best support them.


PMT is a fully online application that teaches parents ideal parent roles and how best to control thoughts and emotions while on the sidelines.

PMT includes a short verification test, an interactive Forum, additional modules for continued learning, enables a 3rd party to monitor completion, and is available throughout the season as a resource.

Parents can now benefit from the same mental skills taught to athletes.

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