How Can I Avoid Slumps?

Mental Tip: Prevent Performance Slumps!

Performance slumps can often be an athlete’s worst nightmare, especially because athletes feel stuck, and out of control or powerless to change the underperformance rut they’re experiencing. As Mental Trainers®, guiding athletes out of and teaching them how to prevent performance slumps is extremely common, and is often a main reason athletes consider starting a mental toughness program.

Here’s the process that typically occurs to perpetuate a slump:

  1. One poor performance during competition.
  2. The athlete either shakes off the bad performance or they keep thinking about past mistakes.
  3. If they keep thinking about past mistakes, two or three more consecutive bad performances typically occur during training or competition (fear of more failure).
  4. Their confidence starts to drop.
  5. They know they can perform well, but they’re not doing it when it matters the most. They know they must be doing “something” to sabotage themselves during competition, but they’re not sure what.
  6. Before they know it, thoughts like these have developed into an expectation that they’ll never be able to play at the level they once were, and the feeling of permanence and powerless sets in regarding the current cycle.

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