Thanks for your interest in MTI’s Mental Training Certification. If you are currently enrolled in a graduate program or have already earned a graduate degree in sport psychology or mental training (or a related field), you’re in the right place. Once you’re ready to apply, click on the “Contact Us” button and submit your information. We’ll get back to you within 24hrs to schedule an interview.


The Need in Our Industry

Graduate programs teach the sport psych content pretty well, but their focus is not on preparing people to make a living in the mental training industry! There are hundreds who graduate annually with Masters degrees or higher in the sport psych industry, but only a handful survive trying to build an applied career.

Obviously knowing what mental skills are doesn’t mean you’ll be good at improving performance, and then there’s the business side of marketing, sales & client management. It should be no surprise that without specific guidance & support, very few last long and their degrees go unused.


  • Masters or Doctorate in a related field. Many begin this certification while finishing their graduate degree
  • A letter of interest in an applied mental training career + CV & graduate transcripts
  • Internet access, computer, webcam

Typical Duration: 3-5 months, including supervision

Delivery: 1-on-1 sessions online with a senior Mental Trainer® using video conferencing

Cost: $3,000

10 Certification Benefits

  • The “Mental Trainer®” Title: This Registered Trademark is used by Mental Trainers® to promote their services in the US & around the world;
  • MTI Corporate: The Mental Training, Inc. (MTI) name is credible and well established as a leader in the sport psychology industry worldwide;
  • Proven Business Process: MTI’s marketing and intake systems are effective at attracting and signing ideal clients who can most likely afford the services. Mental Trainers are paid a commission based on their role in delivering each service;
  • Professional Liability Insurance: All active Mental Trainers receive professional liability insurance included at no extra cost ($1million);
  • Marketing Support: Most applied sport psychology businesses fail within the first year because of a lack of new clients. MTI has a proven marketing and sales system that attracts a steady stream of individual and group prospects, wherever you live;
  • Use of MTI Proprietary Procedures: MTI has copyrighted and trademarked it’s proprietary information and processes for exclusive use by its team of Mental Trainers. There is no need to recreate the wheel;
  • Use of MTI Technology: Each Mental Trainer can use MentalApp® as a training support tool with their clients. They also have access to the online courses, Certified Mental Coach (CMC) and Parent Mental Trainer (PMT). All this technology is available in English and Spanish so you can grow internationally. Mental Trainers can build a residual monthly income stream that continues for as long as their clients use these services. In addition, Mental Trainers can earn commissions when selling the BrainX “Mental Toughness for Salespeople” service to corporations. This can total thousands of dollars in commissions annually;
  • Professional Collaboration: Through regular online business meetings, Mental Trainers discuss client issues and best practices. MTI has experience with most every type of sport and performance activity;
  • Referrals from MTI Websites: Mental Trainers receive local and long-distance referrals that have been qualified through the MTI corporate marketing system. Each Mental Trainer also receives a customized page on the MTI Homesite to help promote themselves;
  • Incentives: Mental Trainers® can earn MTI stock & other rewards.

Income Potential

Upon completion and becoming a Certified Mental Trainer®, our goal for you is to be generating revenue in as many as 7 different ways, including:

  • In-person & online 1on1 sessions
  • Team or group sessions
  • MentalApp® purchases (mobile app for
    teaching & tracking)
  • Corporate and school programs
  • Online course purchases
  • High school & college athletic department
    services, and,
  • Support of other CMTs during their certification

MTI’s commitment is to help you get to the $100,000 income level as soon as possible, but there is a price to pay! That price is consistent hard work, and much of it will likely be outside your comfort zone. But you won’t have to guess what business-building actions to take – that part is clear. The target we have for you to get there is 24 months, and we’ll support you throughout. We’ll show you how to build and grow a large prospect funnel, and how to leverage your time through group training. All CMTs are commissioned contractors who are trained to use MTI services & IP to build a successful income for themselves, wherever they might live. That means your business is your own, but without most of the risk of starting on your own! MTI provides the necessary business training and support along the way, including the website, logos, marketing materials, sales process, and even initial leads and referrals. We’ve built this mental training certification to be the best in the industry.

Next Steps to Get Started

1) Click the “contact us” button below to send your CV, transcripts (unofficial are ok) and letter of interest
2) Schedule a Skype video interview
3) Upon acceptance into the program, the process takes about 3 months depending on your time & commitment

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