Mental Training, Inc., a company aimed to make good athletes great through mental preparation and toughness, has partnered with the esteemed United States Tennis Association (USTA) Northern California; a partnership that will undoubtedly have an effect on the entire tennis community.
USTA is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization dedicated to the promotion and growth of tennis. In accordance with their mission, USTA continues to make efforts towards “Making Tennis Make A Difference”; hosting local tournaments in their various locations and even the nationally televised U.S. Open. The Northern California (NorCal) section covers 35,000 adult members and 9,000 junior members, making them one of the most prominent USTA sections in the country.

“We’re excited to partner with the USTA. As a former professional player and coach, tennis has always had a special place in my heart,” says Dr. Robert Neff, President of Mental Training, Inc. (MTI). “I know how demanding competitive tennis can be – it’s one of the most difficult sports to play at a high level. Not only do you have to be fit, fast and strong, you have to be very coordinated.” Tennis is one of those unique sports that requires agility, endurance, fine motor skills (great hands) and mental toughness. That’s where MTI comes in!

Northern California members of the USTA will be the first in the country to have access to the revolutionary new CAP mental training program. CAP involves specialized online mental preparation for coaches (CMC), athletes (OMT), and parents (PMT). USTA NorCal members now have the opportunity to continue participating in their impassioned sport while also receiving state-of-the-art, affordable, mental training. Even legendary tennis player Billie Jean King acknowledged the importance of a keen mental state during competition, “I think self awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion”. Therefore, with such an importance on being mentally prepared and considering how mentally taxing the sport of tennis can be, this partnership can simply be said as “a match made in heaven” and one primed to make a large impact on the world of tennis.

About Mental Training, Inc.
Mental Training, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Robert Neff, Ph.D. with the goal of helping good athletes become great. MTI and its 25 Certified Mental Trainers® offer 1-on-1 mental training with amateur, professional, and Olympic athletes. Services also include programs designed for teams, associations, and school districts. Extending beyond sports, Mental Training, Inc. also works with executives, managers and salespeople, helping them control their thoughts and emotions while equipping them with the mental tools to perform their best when it matters most.


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