Mental Training, Inc. (MTI) recently presented ground-breaking research on the first ever mental training program for coaches, athletes and parents. MTI was invited to speak in Honolulu Hawaii at the prestigious conference held annually by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP).

AASP aims to promote the growth of sport psychology, as well as hold a forum to discuss the various approaches regarding theory development and research practices. Mental Training, Inc. was recognized for its innovative approaches to sports psychology. The MTI program is the first anywhere in the world to offer customized online mental training for athletes (OMT), coaches (CMT) and parents (PMT).
“We were honored to have an opportunity to speak to our peers at this special event. Our mental training system has been in development for over 5 years and it stands to revolutionize the way coaches and parents interact to produce elite level athletes,” says Founder, Dr. Robert Neff.

Dr. Neff was accompanied by the esteemed Dr. Robert Weinberg, past president of AASP, and MTI VP of Training, Brad Jurica. Together they developed the online mental training systems and conducted the research they presented at the conference.

About Mental Training, Inc.                                                                                          

Mental Training, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Robert Neff, Ph.D. with the goal of helping good athletes become great. MTI and its 25 Certified Mental Trainers® offer 1-on-1 mental training with amateur, professional, and Olympic athletes. Services also include programs designed for teams, associations, and school districts. Extending beyond sports, Mental Training, Inc. also works with executives, managers and salespeople, helping them control their thoughts and emotions while equipping them with the mental tools to perform their best when it matters most.


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