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Nerves? Bring ’em On!! Managing Butterflies!

Invite em. Don't fight em. Huh? Letting that rush of adrenaline making you nauseous? Turn it into Rocket Fuel! TENSE?? Get MORE tense. Then try to breathe. Really. Try it! To figure out what the heck we're talking about. Read Erika Carlson's blog Managing the Butterflies for solid tips on what to do with those pre-game jitters. [...]

3 Things Athletes Shouldn’t Say to Themselves. What U think matters!

Erika Carlson has worked for 13 years in the field of Sport Psychology. The number one thing she's learned is this. What you think, matters. So, here's the question. Is managing thoughts and emotions natural for a passionate, gifted athlete? There are a few common thoughts that get in the way of consistently good performance. To [...]

Understanding Underperformance

Understanding Underperformance By: Sarah Frey, MS, CMT Wouldn’t it be great if we could all perform in competition as well as we do in practice? One of the biggest hurdles we face when it comes time to ‘step up to the plate,’ is managing our feelings of stress, nervousness, and anxiety. So what if we [...]

Get 2014 Olympic Games Mental Training Commentary From The Experts

At Mental Training, Inc, Mental Trainers® from around the world teach their clients the same mental skills that are used by Olympic athletes. Look no further than this elite team of Mental Trainers® to provide media insight into the mental complexities required to perform and medal during the upcoming Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. As the [...]

Mental Training, Inc. Welcomes 9 New Mental Trainers® in 2013

Mental Training, Inc. is excited to announce that in 2013, nine individuals successfully completed the intense Mental Trainer® certification program. These people have dedicated themselves to a mental training career of helping athletes and performers strengthen their mental skills to produce optimal performance. One of the biggest missions Mental Training, Inc. (MTI) has as a [...]

Mental Training Inc. and Jason Sampson: Calming the “Wild Thing.”

Going into Bellator 61, Jason “Wild Thing” Sampson has been using his mind to help control his emotions. Mental Training Inc. (MTI), is a Dallas-Fort Worth based company that provides customized, affordable mental training to athletes around the world. Fighting out of “Mohler Mixed Martial Arts” in Coppell, TX., Jason “Wild Thing” Sampson is known [...]

Mental Training, Inc. Partners with 2 Dallas Area Sports Training Facilities

Mental Training, Inc. (MTI) is proud to announce 2 new partnerships; Oasis Beach & Tennis Club and the Jeff Isler Golf Academy have recently adopted the MTI mental training system for their members. Oasis Beach & Tennis Club, located in Rockwall, TX, is striving to become one of the premier clubs in the area. Oasis [...]

Mental Training, Inc. Introduces Ground-Breaking Program

Mental Training, Inc. (MTI) recently presented ground-breaking research on the first ever mental training program for coaches, athletes and parents. MTI was invited to speak in Honolulu Hawaii at the prestigious conference held annually by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). AASP aims to promote the growth of sport psychology, as well as hold [...]

Mental Training Helps Young Texas Golfer Win International Event

At age 13, Ryan Grider won one of the biggest junior events of the year, the Optimist International Junior Golf Championship. Grider first began working with his Mental Trainer®, Dr. Robert Neff, when he was seven years old. Through his work with Dr. Neff, Grider has learned to use his mind to control his thoughts [...]