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Calling All Perfectionists!

Frustrated all the time?   This might be why.... Is this you? High expectations for yourself Very competitive Good student Talented athlete Work to please others (parents, coaches) Worry (excessively at times) about making mistakes Put A LOT of pressure on self Hard time mentally recovering from mistakes Easily frustrated If this sounds like you, [...]

3 Things Athletes Shouldn’t Say to Themselves. What U think matters!

Erika Carlson has worked for 13 years in the field of Sport Psychology. The number one thing she's learned is this. What you think, matters. So, here's the question. Is managing thoughts and emotions natural for a passionate, gifted athlete? There are a few common thoughts that get in the way of consistently good performance. To [...]

Fear of Failure? Or is it the Fear of Failing?

Fear of Failure or is it the Fear of Failing? Mike Margolies CMT® Fear of Failure The difference between Fear of failure and Fear of failing. FEAR can be scary; it can definitely hold athletes back from accomplishing many great things. Fear is failure can be about not wanting to fail at anything you do, [...]

Stop Slumps Before They Start

Stop Slumps Before They Start By: Sarah Frey, MS., CMT & Dr. Bob Neff, CMT Frustration. Exhaustion. Stress. Despair. If you’ve ever been in a performance slump or felt stuck in a rut, these are undoubtedly some emotions you’ve experienced. You can now rest easy because performance slumps are not only something you can overcome, [...]

Staying on Top of Your Game Over the Holidays

Staying on Top of Your Game Over the Holidays By: Sarah Frey, MS, CMT® & Robert Neff, Ph.D., CMT® Let’s face it, when the holidays roll around, many of us break from our normal routines to accommodate parties, family gatherings, gift shopping, or inclement weather. And although spending quality time with family and friends, and [...]

Understanding Underperformance

Understanding Underperformance By: Sarah Frey, MS, CMT Wouldn’t it be great if we could all perform in competition as well as we do in practice? One of the biggest hurdles we face when it comes time to ‘step up to the plate,’ is managing our feelings of stress, nervousness, and anxiety. So what if we [...]

Dallas-based Mental Training Inc. teams up with Mentalni Trening in Croatia

Mental Training, Inc. is now working with top sport psychologists in Croatia to bring cutting edge technology to the Balkans. Leipzig, Germany (PRWEB) March 25, 2014 The international reach of Mental Training, Inc. (MTI) has expanded to the Balkan state of Croatia.  Recently, MTI Europe has been working with top Croatian sport psychology consultants Igor [...]

Mental Training Inc. is sponsoring two local fighters competing in this weekend’s UFC 171 in Dallas, Texas.

Mental Training Inc. (MTI), a world leader in mental skills training programs, is proud to announce two local fighters are embracing the importance of mental training in combat sports. MTI is sponsoring William Campuzano and Sean Spencer in UFC 171 in Dallas, Texas, on March 15, 2014. Twenty-seven year old William Campuzano is an East [...]