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Mental Training Inc. is sponsoring two local fighters competing in this weekend’s UFC 171 in Dallas, Texas.

Mental Training Inc. (MTI), a world leader in mental skills training programs, is proud to announce two local fighters are embracing the importance of mental training in combat sports. MTI is sponsoring William Campuzano and Sean Spencer in UFC 171 in Dallas, Texas, on March 15, 2014. Twenty-seven year old William Campuzano is an East [...]

Mental Training Inc. and Jason Sampson: Calming the “Wild Thing.”

Going into Bellator 61, Jason “Wild Thing” Sampson has been using his mind to help control his emotions. Mental Training Inc. (MTI), is a Dallas-Fort Worth based company that provides customized, affordable mental training to athletes around the world. Fighting out of “Mohler Mixed Martial Arts” in Coppell, TX., Jason “Wild Thing” Sampson is known [...]

Dehydration Affects Mental Toughness and Performance

Up to 75% of the body’s weight is made up of water; thus, staying hydrated is an important component of increased performance and staying on top of your mental game. Hydration is needed to sustain performance and is decreased through intense exercise and sweat (Online Mental Trainer, 2011). Intense exercise and sweating can lead to [...]

Mental Keys for Cowboys Against the Giants

By Brad Jurica and Anthony Eads, MTI Mental Trainers® When the final horn sounds in the NFC East game this Sunday, the mentally toughest team will be the one lifting their coach. Football, especially football in December, is all about mental toughness. Jason Garrett even stated recently, “The best teams in this league are the [...]