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Mental Training Inc. and Jason Sampson: Calming the “Wild Thing.”

Going into Bellator 61, Jason “Wild Thing” Sampson has been using his mind to help control his emotions. Mental Training Inc. (MTI), is a Dallas-Fort Worth based company that provides customized, affordable mental training to athletes around the world. Fighting out of “Mohler Mixed Martial Arts” in Coppell, TX., Jason “Wild Thing” Sampson is known [...]

Mental Training Helps Young Texas Golfer Win International Event

At age 13, Ryan Grider won one of the biggest junior events of the year, the Optimist International Junior Golf Championship. Grider first began working with his Mental Trainer®, Dr. Robert Neff, when he was seven years old. Through his work with Dr. Neff, Grider has learned to use his mind to control his thoughts [...]

Stephen’s Saga-Post #6 Play For Fun and Be Willing To Get Better!

I'm just a few days away from competition again, and I must admit I'm getting excited! At this weekend's National Qualifier in Colorado I only have 2 other people in my bracket, so essentially all I would have to do is weigh in and I will have qualified without competing. I have had a couple [...]

Stephen’s Saga-Post #5 Don’t let your habits become a crutch. Use them to YOUR advantage.

This week was a relaxing week since I just fought. The interesting thing is I usually take the week after a tournament completely off. However, I found myself staying in the training pattern of visualizing every day. I was already focusing on the next goal of U-24 National Team Trials in early April. Then I [...]

Stephen’s Saga-Post #4 Do You Fight When Your Injured?

Sometimes I hate it when I have to take my own advice. If you have been following these, then you will know that this past Saturday I was competing at the US Open, in Las Vegas. You will also know that my last blog was about controlling things that I can, and forgetting the rest. [...]

Noah’s Saga – Post #2 Try without Caring

I have been thinking about what Dr. Neff (my mental trainer, I usually call him Doc) said as I move away from an intense caring attitude and into a more relaxed, more fun, more energetic way of being. I watch my confidence grow and my performances in practice get better and better. It is really [...]