Well, I can’t believe it has already been a week. The past 7 days have flown by, as they usually do leading up to a big tournament. The 2010 US Open in Vegas is exactly 13 days away, and the pressure is on. I have some good competition in my bracket and I’m looking for the big win yet again.
This past week was great for training. I hit a speed bump in the middle of the week when I felt some serious fatigue for Wednesday’s morning practice. I managed to catch a good hour long nap, some great visualization, and I was back in it for evening training. This is one of the most difficult times for me when it comes to pre-tournament preparation. At this point in the training block I have to start fighting fatigue, both mental and physical. This is where rest and visualization are key for me. Fortunately this time, the last 2 weeks is also when training starts to wind down. Never a minute too soon!
It is always interesting to view the last 2 weeks before a fighter’s big day. Many athletes tend to stop doing things all together, or they don’t change their schedule at all. I have never understood how drastic people’s misconceptions are about “Periodization plans” for peaking at the right time. They tend to think that either drastically more or less time in the gym is the right approach. Your last 2 weeks should be spent in shortened, but very high intensity workouts. Where the real time must be spent is all in your mind. Much like if an athlete were dealing with an injury, you have to picture everything about your upcoming event. I would take a mentally prepared athlete over a comparable physically prepared athlete any day. I’m not implying that you can forgo being physically prepared, but I’m saying that mental training can frequently make up for any shortcomings and NOT vice-versa.
In keeping with my beliefs on “peaking” for an event, this week’s physical sessions will be shortened, but my time “in the game” will be even more than in a usual week. I’ll spend this week relaxing, when possible, and letting my body heal from a rough 6 week training camp. As I feel better every day, my outlook for the Gold gets even more optimistic.
Well, time to get ready for another high-intensity week. I’ll post again after another awesome one!
Keep your head in the game!