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STEP 1: Who Does Mental Training & Why?










  • Reduce anger, anxiety, stress, pressure and fear

  • Enhance confidence, focus, motivation and energy management

  • Improve organization and time management

  • Build mental toughness

  • Get resilient and persistent in the face of adversity

  • Enhance enjoyment and zone experiences

Our clients receive a “cognitive” based approach that helps them control their thoughts, which affect their emotions, and hence their performance.

Core concepts and individualized activities are combined to create a personally-designed mental skills training program that gets results.

Key Components

Initial Needs Assessment
This is a comprehensive analysis of your current mental skills. After it’s completed, you’ll be clear on the areas you need to work on, many of which will surprise you.

Custom Mental Skills Program

Using your Initial Needs Assessment, your Mental Trainer will develop a program that is tailor made for you. It will include all the core concepts of peak performance.

Mastery of Core Concepts
This includes “scientific goal-setting,” pre-performance routines, positive self-talk and emotion control. We will help you develop these skills to a very high level.

Monitoring Chart Design and Tracking

We’re going to help you bring a whole new level of awareness and focus to your sport training and competition by helping you develop a monitoring system.

Knowing how to modulate your overall training load and competitive schedule is critical to your health, performance, and longevity. This is a skill and an art, which you can learn.

Advanced Mental Skills
Once you have established a solid base, we will teach you some of the mental skills many professional athletes count on for their success.

While the MTI programs are comprehensive, what makes them so effective are our Mental Trainers®.

You will work with a highly skilled Mental Trainer® with the education, experience, and skill to help you realize your dreams.

STEP 2: Common Questions

Champions in all the major sports have long known that training their mind was ultimately as important as their technical and physical development. Still, for many athletes and their coaches, working with a Mental Trainer is very new and there are often misconceptions to overcome. Below are some of the most common questions about our mental training programs.

Psychotherapy deals with mental disorders and attempts to bring ill people back to health. Psychiatrists have the authority to prescribe drugs. Mental training, on the other hand, is for ‘normal’ people who want to become exceptional in their sport or area of performance. MTI does not use drugs or psychotherapy in its programs. We use sound cognitive-based systems to build emotion control, confidence and self-sufficiency.
Our clients’ successes include excelling at the high school level, winning state championships, securing college scholarships, accepting professional contracts, and recently, earning Olympic gold medals. While some of our professional and Olympic clients have chosen to remain anonymous, you can read a few testimonials on STEP 3 of our 1-on-1 Mental Training page.
MTI has developed a comprehensive mental skills training program that has been finely tuned for over 15 years. Additionally, our Certified Mental Trainers tailor every program to our clients’ unique and often changing needs, inner obstacles, external pressures, and goals. It is the combination of our process and our individual attention that generates such positive results for our clients.
Our typical client is a highly dedicated athlete seeking high performance. These people have put an enormous amount of time and money into developing technically and physically, but most have not focused enough time on mental toughness. Many are underperforming as a result, even though they often have advanced physical skills. They have come to realize that excelling mentally requires something more than what they’ve been doing so far, and they can’t afford to waste their time on trial and error. They come to MTI because they want long-lasting results as quickly as possible.
Our company offices are based in Dallas, Texas so we meet with athletes there most of the time. However, we have clients who live and train on every continent of the world. These long-distance clients, some of whom we have never physically met, train with us using phone, video conferencing, and the internet. When they are close to Texas, they often stop in to meet with us.
We hear repeatedly from our clients and their parents and coaches that the work they have done with MTI has been comprehensively life-enhancing. In short, the mental skills of cognitive awareness, visualization, performance goal-setting, emotion control, and Periodization Training are all transferable life skills. Our clients tell us that, beyond performing better in their sport, they have become more fulfilled, productive and effective in their lives.
Absolutely. This is a fundamental right of every MTI client and we of course take privacy very seriously. With that said, the field of mental training has become better understood and respected in recent years. As such, many athletes feel more comfortable acknowledging the positive influence of their Mental Trainer.
Your first step is to call or email us to set up a free initial consultation. In this first session, we will do a complete review of your needs, performance obstacles, and goals. Just as you are evaluating us, we will determine whether you are the right type of athlete for us. There is no charge for this initial consultation.

STEP 3: Testimonials

At MTI, we have helped athletes of all major sports learn to perform at their best. Our experience includes hundreds of athletes who have gone on to win HS state and national championships, national collegiate championships, professional World Championships, and even Olympic Gold medals

With their permission, we’ve listed below some of our client’s comments:

I Swam the English Channel!

“MTI and [my Mental Trainer Brad Jurica] were a fundamental part of my success in swimming the English Channel.

I started working with Brad two months before my swim date at the end of September, 2009. I first contacted Brad when I was having problems staying focused during my longer swims and over coming the mental hurdles of staying in the water for 8 plus hours.

Brad and I worked through some key skill sets and he helped me form some routines for preparation. On the day of the swim, I felt more than prepared and 13 hours and 35 minutes after starting the swim I set foot on the beaches of France.”

Todd Paul, Distance Swimmer (Chicago, Illinois)
It hasn’t been difficult at all!

“I am having great success with my mental training program. I am doing progressive relaxation, self talk, gap training, sensing, blue and visualization every day.

After only two weeks I can already see an increase in staying in the present during my practice sessions. Also, I have identified several negative self talk statements I give myself when I miss a shot or execute poorly. I have already started to change these.

It hasn’t been difficult at all. I am so excited to see what my mental game will be like after months of training.”

Stacy Webb, Triathlete (Dallas, Texas)
MTI Has Helped Me Unlock My Potential

“When I first heard the idea of working with a Sport Psychologist, I thought you must be crazy to need to work someone like that. The truth is, you would be crazy not work with the team at MTI.

They have helped me unlock my potential and turn my passion into progress, and in ways that I never thought possible. They have helped me break my ultimate goals into smaller ones and have given me the mental tools that will help me overcome any obstacles that may come across my path.

I cannot imagine continuing to compete at such an elite level without their help.”

Noah Katz, Professional Hockey Player (Baltimore, Maryland)

STEP 4: Pricing

To work 1-on-1 with a staff-level Mental Trainer®, review the pricing below. All Mental Trainers have graduate degrees, can handle athletes of all sports and ages, and have been certified by MTI. If you would like to work with a Master-level Mental Trainer with at least 10,000 hours of experience, click HERE.

All packages include the following services:

  • Initial Meeting & Mental Skills Assessment: 1hr
  • 1-on-1 Sessions with a Mental Trainer®
  • “Roadmap to the Zone” eBook
  • MentalApp® (Mobile Mental Trainer)
  • Customized Mental Training Program (MTP)
  • Online Monitoring Chart Design and Tracking
  • Customized Pre-Performance Routines
  • Post-Performance Analysis

MTI’s Staff Pricesheet

Monthly Pricing

$375/mo(3mo minimum, then month to month)
  • Mental Trainer® 1on1 Time: At least 7hrs
  • Designed for athletes who require improved mental toughness when training & performing.
  • Includes a custom designed Mental Training Program, 30-60min 1-on-1 sessions online and all necessary content & technology.
  • Sessions include new mental skills, review of past skills taught, training assignments, and performance preparation and analysis.
  • Price ($375/mo)

Pay-in-Advance Pricing

$101210% off
  • Mental Trainer® 1on1 Time: At least 7hrs
  • Designed for athletes who require improved mental toughness when training & performing.
  • Includes a custom designed Mental Training Program, 30-60min 1-on-1 sessions online, and all necessary content & technology.
  • Sessions include new mental skills, review of past skills taught, training assignments and performance preparation and analysis.
  • Price ($1012)

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