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Any person who has achieved greatness in their profession or sport will testify to the fact that there is a point where natural ability and learning is no longer sufficient. At this point it is the fitness of your mind that will carry you through. Mental fitness can also be referred to as optimal thinking and if your are experiencing mental funk, or blockages and emotional issues that are impacting on your success and performance, you will be glad to know that it (mental fitness) is something that you can train your mind towards.

Dr Robert Neff is a psychologist who has over 15 years experience in ‘training’ the minds of athletes, business persons and performers. Through his company, Mental Training Inc. he works on the mental fitness of a diverse range of people of all ages and levels including, coaches and athletes, dancers and musicians and executives and companies. Dr Neff and his team employ cognitive techniques to help clients control the ‘mental funk’ in their mind.

Mental Funk is basically the thoughts and feelings of doubt and inadequacy that we can all sometimes experience. Mental fitness is about controlling these emotions through concepts and activities that are designed to assist clients to realize their true potential. The techniques used by Mental Training Inc. are based on the experience of Dr Neff and his team and on extensive research into the area of mental fitness.

Dr Neff and his team are a group of professionals who believe in the power of the mind and in an individual’s ability to control their negative thoughts and emotions. The team at MTI is also committed to being the best at what they do and they are constantly reviewing their tools and techniques to ensure that they are giving their clients the best of themselves. To find out more about the MTI team go to

Mental Training Inc. is strongly committed to the belief that mental fitness through mental training leads to improved performance. By giving their clients tools and support to help them control their thoughts and emotions, MTI help their clients move towards maximization of their capabilities. For an initial consultation to establish if Mental Training Inc. can help you give them a call on (877) 744-5365.

If the idea of mental fitness is something completely new to you visit to read the stories of people like you who have been able to optimize their potential by engaging in mind training for mental fitness.