Why Do Olympians Compete?

Why does competition matter? On Sunday night, I watched the closing ceremony for the 2016 Olympics. Afterwards, there was an incredible presentation of Olympic highlights showing one breathtaking victory or crushing defeat after another. Women's all-around gymnastics winners at Rio 2016 Olympic Games Aliya Mustafina of Russia Simone Biles, and Aly Raisman of USA I'll admit to tears pouring [...]

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Industry Leaders Mental and Partner to Benefit Thousands

By partnering with the giant OrangeCoach network of 25,000 tennis coaches, Mental Training, Inc. (MTI) is further expanding its reach across the U.S. and into northern Europe. Every coach needs access to quality mental training for their students, and MTI is the only company currently positioned to deliver it. MTI's entire offering of programs can be delivered long-distance through [...]

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Industry Leaders Mental Training Inc and BePro Partner to Benefit Football Players stretching across 4 continents with a holistic approach to training

Mental Training Inc. (MTI) is pleased to announce its partnership with BePro Football, a cutting edge leader in the football world taking a vastly different approach to training. BePro: Boldness: Equality: Passion: Resources: Openness. BePro's project, MyFootballCamp is designed for individual players, clubs, football academies and schools in 4 continents: Europe, Asia, America and [...]

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Nerves? Bring ’em On!! Managing Butterflies!

Invite em. Don't fight em. Huh? Letting that rush of adrenaline making you nauseous? Turn it into Rocket Fuel! TENSE?? Get MORE tense. Then try to breathe. Really. Try it! To figure out what the heck we're talking about. Read Erika Carlson's blog Managing the Butterflies for solid tips on what to do with those pre-game jitters. [...]

Calling All Perfectionists!

Frustrated all the time?   This might be why.... Is this you? High expectations for yourself Very competitive Good student Talented athlete Work to please others (parents, coaches) Worry (excessively at times) about making mistakes Put A LOT of pressure on self Hard time mentally recovering from mistakes Easily frustrated If this sounds like you, [...]

3 Things Athletes Shouldn’t Say to Themselves. What U think matters!

Erika Carlson has worked for 13 years in the field of Sport Psychology. The number one thing she's learned is this. What you think, matters. So, here's the question. Is managing thoughts and emotions natural for a passionate, gifted athlete? There are a few common thoughts that get in the way of consistently good performance. To [...]