Standing In Solidarity

Dr. King said: “’In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

To all our friends, staff, and clients, we want to acknowledge with open eyes and open hearts, that racism is systemic in our society. The pain, oppression, and brutality that people of color have endured in this country is real and unacceptable. Some have the illusion that it’s gotten better since MLK and the civil rights movement. That illusion has been shattered. It’s easy to ignore or be indifferent if we are wrapped up in our own bubbles of existence. Admitting this and understanding it is the only way to start repairing the damage.

MLK Civil Rights March

Who Are We At Our Core?

At the very core of MTI’s mission is the desire to enable people to become the best versions of themselves. Our company culture is one of respect, inclusion, acceptance, and support. This is what we teach and who we are. When we teach athletes to respect themselves, respect their opponents, and play with integrity and honesty, it improves their sport and their life. Everything we teach builds character and a sense of responsibility. 

How can we be better?

To be brutally honest, we at MTI have been doing our best to do meaningful work, but we can and must do better. We want you to know we stand in solidarity with those who feel marginalized and experience injustice and brutality.  We will be donating to the NAACP, and we’ll be embarking on an endeavor to connect with young black athletes, especially ones living in poverty. Deep wounds must be healed from the inside. 

Use Your Voice and Cast Your Vote!

Some say our judicial system is broken. Others say it was built this way. Regardless, it must be reformed. It’s time to collectively improve it with our voices and our VOTE

Let’s continue to spread grace, kindness, love, and tolerance; while at the same time standing firm in our resolve to demand change and implement new laws at the highest levels.

Use your voice to stop injustice when you see it. We promise to use ours.