While you’re on the bench, put that spotlight on the space between your ears.

I’m sick of the word COVID. The world changed. Did you? This pandemic has knocked us off our center. We may be rocked back on our heels a bit, but we have to surge forward to figure out how we can still achieve dreams that have been, virtually, stolen from us. Performers can’t take the stage, athletes can’t compete consistently, and many corporate ‘athletes’ have had to redefine their careers. This is not an easy time. But there’s a silver lining: You may not be able to compete or perform, for the time being, but your mind doesn’t have to know that. A goal starts with a dream, right? Hang with me.

You’ve worked so hard to get where you are. But how do you stay sharp so you’re ready to perform when the time comes? Sure, you can stay physically fit, but you know there is WAY more to performing than the performance itself.  

It’s time, right now, to move that spotlight’s focus from the outside on what you DO, to the inside on how you THINK. You need to focus on, and understand, the game inside your head. Remember that dream I mentioned earlier? It can be modified with new rules, new habits, visualizing perfect execution, recognizing useless internal trash talk and replacing it with constructive, deliberate self talk. I’m talking about quality Mental skills or Mental toughness taught by a Sport Psychologist or Certified Mental Trainer®. You don’t have regular competition to ‘figure it out as you go”, which leaves no time for the luxury of guess work or trial and error. A few will find what they need, eventually, through books or audios, but because mental training needs to be ongoing, built into practice and customized for each athlete’s needs; most will fail.

Cancelled sporting event to avoid Coronavirus outbreaks

Therapy vs Mental Skills Training

While I believe therapy is valuable and has it’s place, that’s not what we’re talking about here. I’m talking about tangible skills you need to learn, habitualize and master. You will use these skills every time you perform or compete. You’ve got to use your head to keep your proverbial place in line. The extra bonus is, these mental skills will assist you in every. single. part of your life. Adversity comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. With strong mental skills, you’ll be ready to face all kinds. 

So….thank you COVID? 

-Tami Neff, Co-Founder of Mental Training Inc.