As a high-performance athlete, it’s important to call upon strength and toughness in a moment’s notice.  Here are some great examples of self-talk you can use to get yourself in the right state of mind, and right away.

I love competition

The bigger the tournament, the more comfortable I feel

In any situation, I turn it into a confidence producing challenge

I feel expansive and confident

I freely acknowledge my mistakes, extract whatever useful feedback can be found in them, correct course, and continue moving forward

I only focus on one task at a time

I remain in the present during games

I do not consciously wonder what others are thinking about me

The tougher the conditions, the better I play

If I feel anxiety, I say “Cancel” and then I say “I am calm and confident”

When I use my mental skills, my body tension is ideal

I start and remain confident throughout my games

Specific Examples:

  • An athlete having difficulty with persistence might say, “It is easy for me to keep going when things get tough.”
  • An athlete struggling with feelings of rejection might say, “I quickly let go of any upset when I hear the word ‘No’.” Another might say, “I handle rejection easily and turn it into a learning experience.”
  • Suffering deeply from losses, an athlete might say, “I must lose sometimes, and I will learn from each one.” Another might say, “It’s OK to make mistakes sometimes, but I am improving.”
  • Any of us might want to say, “What I need, say, or think is important.”  or, “I am worthy of respect.”  or, “I am proud of myself and my accomplishments.”
  • If we are stressed, we might say, “I view stressful situations as a challenge, and use them to improve.”
  • A good one for many of us might be, “I maintain self-control in the midst of the most chaotic circumstances.”  or, “I stay on an even keel emotionally at all times.”
  • Other general purpose affirmations can be, “I accept myself and others for who we are.”  or, “I readily forgive myself and others.”  or, “I give to myself and others the love and respect we all deserve.”

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