Finally, mental training that’s available for anyone, anywhere in the world.

At MTI, we have been working with top performers for years. Time and experience have taught us several important lessons. First, the athletes we work with, from all sports and at all levels, have one thing in common; they get the physical part right – it’s the mental stuff that’s holding them back. We know how to fix that, but we asked ourselves how we could share our expertise with more athletes, and even more effectively?

This brings us to the second lesson. We’ve been generally focused on Texas, so for the athletes out of our area, help has been hard for them to find. Frankly, there aren’t that many Mental Trainers like us who have experience with athletes from so many different sports. The third lesson? Not everyone can afford to work with a Mental Trainer one-on-one.

We knew we could solve those problems by creating a system that offers high quality information, in a clear, understandable and customized format. We set a goal for ourselves to make mental training available and affordable to everyone, everywhere, by 2010. And we’re about to reach our goal.

Starting in January 2010, any athlete will be able to use Online Mental Trainer (or OMT) right from home, or any place that has internet access. You can pre-register for free HERE and watch a video about it HERE.
We’ve spent hundreds of hours determining exactly what athletes would need from a virtual Mental Trainer.  After listening carefully to our current and past clients, and tapping the minds of some of the brightest in Sport Psychology, we’ve created a system with everything necessary to learn the mental skills you need to perform your best.  
OMT is an amazing new automated system that: 1) Assesses your mental toughness, 2) Creates a customized program, and 3) (this is the really cool part) – it tells you precisely what mental skills you need to learn, in what order and, exactly how to practice them!  It then gives you access to videos and materials created by some of the best Mental Trainers in the world who actually teach you the skills. You can pre-register for the Beta version to receive updates, tips and other valuable content. By pre-registering we will also waive the $100 set-up fee when you eventually sign up in January! However, you’ll need to act fast because we’ll be closing off this early Beta pre-registration on Dec 21st at 11pm.

We’re in the process of recording a video tour that will show you exactly what OMT looks like inside, but here’s a quick overview of the steps you’ll take:

  1. You’ll go to the OMT site –
  2. Once it launches, you’ll take a 5min “Issue Assessment” that identifies the key mental-related areas you’d like to improve
  3. Your information is then fed into an ingenious artificial intelligence engine that creates a mental training program exactly suited to your needs
  4. You can then watch the videos and read the materials right there in your own private web portal – whenever you want to access it
  5. You’re shown exactly what you need to do, and are given guidance every step of the way

Nothing like this has ever been produced before, and we’re excited about how it’s going to improve the way you prepare, compete and perform. Below are some of the key features of OMT.

  • Quality resources and tools accessible anywhere you are. Many of our athletes have extremely tight schedules as they juggle their jobs with their sport, and much of that includes travel.  You have access to a virtual Mental Trainer anywhere in the world anytime you want it.
  • Provides feedback about how well you have learned the skills.  At every stage you’ll know how much you’ve learned.  You’ll be tested at the end of each section so you’ll know when you’re ready to progress to the next level.
  • Designed by some of the best Mental Trainers in the world. Our retention rate is over 90%. This tells us we have satisfied clients who are getting the results they expect. To create OMT, we combined our knowledge with that of other top sports psychologists to create a first class system that improves athlete performance.
  • Learn the same skills used by professional and Olympic athletes. The higher the talent, the greater the need for mental toughness.  Professional and Olympic athletes are under enormous pressure to perform well.  They all have outstanding physical skills, so the only thing that sets one apart from the other is often their mental toughness.  If these athletes can benefit from mental training, you can too.
  • Automated and affordable.  Until now, Mental training has been reserved only for those who could afford to hire a one-on-one mental trainer or sports psychologist.  It’s been a long standing dream of ours that anyone who wanted it could have access to customized mental training, regardless of income level, skill level or location.  Because of the low price and high quality of OMT, that dream is about to be realized.

There is no cost to pre-register so take a look at this amazing system.