Reaching Your 2010 Goals

Well, it’s a new year and if you’re like most people, you’re making plans, taking a fresh look at your life, and recommitting to ‘doing it better’ in 2010.  Unfortunately, research shows that most people won’t do it better and their well- intentioned resolutions will rapidly disappear.

We want it to be different for you. Intentions are really just goals and the way in which you set your goals will determine your success. Most people don’t realize that some goals motivate, and some actually de-motivate!

As experts in the field of motivation and performance, we know exactly how to help you set AND reach your 2010 goals. To get you started, we’ve enabled a free download of a chapter on effective goal setting, taken from a best-selling book we published a few years ago.  Once you KNOW better, you can DO better.  We can teach you what you need to know, so the doing won’t be such a challenge.

In the meantime, you can also pre-register for Online Mental Trainer. It’s the first of its kind – an artificial intelligence system that provides customized mental training for less than a dollar a day.

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