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Why Physical Training Is Not Enough

There’s a big misunderstanding about mental training that I hear most every day: “all you need to be mentally tough is long hours in the gym.” Obviously 25-35hrs a week of “deliberate practice” is critically important to gymnastic success, but is physical training really all you need? The mission of Mental Training, Inc. (MTI) as [...]

The Importance Of Sleep

How Important Is Sleep? "Psychology and sleep researchers have confirmed that your emotional stability and cognitive strength are strongly affected by your sleep. But it’s actually even more significant than that - poor sleep contributes to alterations in mood, concentration, motivation, attention and motor skills (coordination and timing). If you were wondering why there's a [...]

5 Most Common Sport Performance Issues – What To Do, When You Don’t Know What To Do.

As a competing athlete, you've been taught the rules of your sport, strategies on how to win, and how to get fit and strong. So I would ask you, how much do you practice your mental skills? We find the most common answer is: "I don't." As a result, many athletes begin to break down [...]

Success doesn’t have to be sporadic, in fact it should be quite deliberate. 7 Tips you MUST Learn In Order to be a Sports Champion

You wouldn't expect to peak as an athlete if you didn't master the technical elements of your sport. You wouldn't expect to reach your potential if you only gave a half-hearted effort to maximizing your fitness and movement. The same applies with your mental skills development. It may be true that some sports champions are [...]

Talented Athletes Without Discipline Are a Dime a Dozen.

Dr. Robert Weinberg, who is one of the most renowned Sports Psychology researchers in the country and author of the #1 college textbook in the industry, "Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology," describes mental training simply as “a systematic and consistent practice of mental skills.” And I want to emphasize “systematic and consistent” because, unfortunately, [...]

What separates high performers from their competition? Heart-breaks, blood, broken bones, ruptured tendons and surgeries…Really?

After years of working with Athletes of all levels we have learned that effective mental training is what separates high performers from their competition.  Obviously athletes at every level need to take care of both the physical AND the mental, but top athletes from all sports have one thing in common: They get the physical [...]

The Saga Blog – Real Athletes Striving

As Mental Trainers, we get to work with the best of the best.  Guess what? Even the best find themselves on an occasional roller coaster going from extreme highs to extreme lows.  We've asked a few MTI clients, with particularly compelling stories, to participate in our Saga Blog.  There is much you will learn as [...]

Most People Won’t Make It – Will You?

Reaching Your 2010 Goals Well, it's a new year and if you're like most people, you’re making plans, taking a fresh look at your life, and recommitting to 'doing it better' in 2010.  Unfortunately, research shows that most people won't do it better and their well- intentioned resolutions will rapidly disappear. We want it to [...]

Automated and Affordable Custom Mental Training. It’s No Longer Just a Dream.

Finally, mental training that's available for anyone, anywhere in the world. At MTI, we have been working with top performers for years. Time and experience have taught us several important lessons. First, the athletes we work with, from all sports and at all levels, have one thing in common; they get the physical part right [...]