As a competing athlete, you’ve been taught the rules of your sport, strategies on how to win, and how to get fit and strong. So I would ask you, how much do you practice your mental skills? We find the most common answer is: “I don’t.”

As a result, many athletes begin to break down when they reach a higher level of competition. Why? Because at higher levels, great physical skills are commonplace so all that separates one athlete from another is how they handle adversity (difficulties). Think about it for a second – what do you do to overcome issues like performance anxiety, anger, choking and under-performance?

When it comes to performance enhancement and mental toughness, there is a lot to learn and many athletes wonder how they can get caught up. Too often, they can’t do it on their own and mental issues begin to negatively affect how they compete. What are the biggest issues  you deal with in your sport?

We’ve identified the top 5 sport performance issues and provided a few quick tips to overcome them:

  • Overly Self Critical
  • Pressure & Stress
  • Frustrated
  • Disorganized
  • Conservative

Think of our tips as ‘what to do, when you don’t know what else to do’ ! You can read all about these quick fixes by downloading a PDF or watching a video of the 5 tips here:


Remember that these are just quick tips, not the whole solution. Online Mental Trainer goes into great depth and allows you to learn at your own pace and on your own time.  It gives you the tools you need so you can perform your best when it counts the most.  If you have a moment, check it out for yourself.

-Dr. Bob