Dear Tiger:

We want you back. Plain and simple. You did some some bad things – no argument there. But we believe it’s better if you’re playing golf. It’s obviously better for you and for the fans and for general interest in the game. But it’s also better for all the non-golf people you help through your charities – you have impacted literally billions of people in a positive way. And not even counting Jack’s record, there’s SO many more amazing things you have left to do!

Your physical skills are simply the best we’ve ever seen. But you’ve said it, “The mind is what separates the competition.” As good as you are, you could be SO much better. We’ve noticed the increasing outbursts and displays of anger after mistakes, and so have millions of others. We’re relieved you’re going back to a spiritual foundation, and we hope that includes regaining control of your thoughts and emotions too. Tiger – you know those are skills that need to be practiced. So start with your thoughts; emotions, and get your head back in the game.

You’ve taken quite a beating from the press and your peers, but the biggest is likely the one you’re giving yourself. And that’s what we’re concerned about Tiger. You’ve asked for forgiveness, but you’ve got to forgive yourself first before taking the next steps of getting your head right. We heard you were getting some help – we hope it’s someone who really understands the mindset you need to perform your best – on and off the golf course.

We love the game of golf – we love watching you play – we want you back.

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Dallas, Texas