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“Weight Loss” is a Mental Game (Part 1)

The term “Weight Loss” is such a lousy term. I've used it here to get your attention, but I’d like you not to use it. It doesn’t help to be talking about weight. Dehydrating yourself or taking amphetamines (diet pills and caffeine) will lower your weight, but that’s mostly a temporary water loss and clearly [...]

Overcoming “Mild Depression” Without Medication

Many psychology experts believe depression is largely CONTROLLABLE and therefore preventable by as many as 95% of all people who experience it, and WITHOUT the need for harmful drugs.  Start by thinking about how a depressed person looks and behaves: stays away from others doesn’t give or feel love thinks about problems worries about uncontrollables practices [...]

A Brief Guide To A Strong Immune System

Here's a quick list of things you can do to strengthen your immune system and improve your overall health: Take a multi-vitamin every day (including 2-4000iu of Vit-D as maintenance) Wash your hands often Use hand sanitizer often Stay hydrated (resulting in going to the restroom often) Reduce touching eyes with unwashed fingers Stay clear [...]

The Importance Of Sleep

How Important Is Sleep? "Psychology and sleep researchers have confirmed that your emotional stability and cognitive strength are strongly affected by your sleep. But it’s actually even more significant than that - poor sleep contributes to alterations in mood, concentration, motivation, attention and motor skills (coordination and timing). If you were wondering why there's a [...]