Many psychology experts believe depression is largely CONTROLLABLE and therefore preventable by as many as 95% of all people who experience it, and WITHOUT the need for harmful drugs.  Start by thinking about how a depressed person looks and behaves:

  • stays away from others
  • doesn’t give or feel love
  • thinks about problems
  • worries about uncontrollables
  • practices pessimism
  • does nothing fun
  • rarely relaxes or enjoys free time
  • shows no positive emotions
  • rarely exercises
  • shows few positive facial expressions (flat affect)
  • is generally self­‐focused

If some of those words describe your behavior, here’s how to change it.  Choose the following:

  1. socialize regularly with positive people
  2. connect often with mate or loved ones
  3. problem solve (vs complain)
  4. learn to “center” and get in the present
  5. focus on controllables
  6. learn how to be optimistic
  7. schedule fun things each day
  8. relax and enjoy free time
  9. smile and laugh often
  10. exercise daily
  11. and do nice things for others regularly.

The above list is a great place to start but may not replace work with a trained professional.

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