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What if every player in your tennis academy had their own mental toughness program? And more significantly, what if the players could easily track their progress, your coaches could provide oversight, and they could all do it from their PHONES!? Sound too good to be true? It’s not – we built it for the USTA (and now you can use it too)!

Coaches and athletes everywhere agree mental toughness is critical for future success. HOWEVER, fewer than 1% of competitive athletes are training mentally! Why? They say they don’t know what to do.

Problem. Solved.

This mental training program is the first of its kind and it’s now available for tennis academies of all sizes anywhere in the world. And, it’s the same program that the United States Tennis Association (USTA) adopted for its Regional Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Here’s all that’s included:

  1. An online mental training course for all of your academy parents that teaches them how to better support their kids (and control their emotions on the sidelines!);
  2. An online mental training course for all of your academy coaches that teaches them how to integrate mental training into on-court practices;
  3. A specialized app for all of your academy players that works on all mobile devices and enables players to learn, practice & track their mental toughness training;
  4. A specialized app for all your academy coaches that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device and allows coach oversight and accountability; and,
  5. One of our Certified Mental Trainers® to teach and guide everyone through the program!

We understand what tennis academies need, because we have over 10 years experience developing junior, college and pro tennis players at one of the most successful tennis academies in America. We also have advanced degrees in sport psychology and over a decade of mental toughness training, so we know exactly what successful academies need to have.

So what’s the catch? It must be expensive. Nope! What good is a program this complete if you can’t afford to implement it? The cost starts at US$50/mo per athlete and goes down as the group gets larger!

ExampleA large tennis academy purchased this program (called “CAP”) for its Coaches, 200 Athletes and all their Parents. They increased their program dues by just $35/mo per player to cover everything. The total cost of mental training for all athletes, coaches and parents was US$7,000/mo (200 athletes x $35/mo per athlete). Mental Trainers were included to provide support using live recorded webinars. All materials, courses and apps for players, coaches and parents were also included at no additional cost. 

Email us the size of your academy program, and we’ll send you a quote within 24hrs. The terms are simple – pay as you go based on the total players participating. Contact us at [email protected].