Mental Training Inc. (MTI), is a Dallas-Fort Worth based company that provides customized, affordable mental training to athletes and business professionals around the world. Mental Training, Inc. is a company that prides itself on bringing science based, proven, methods to sport and performance psychology. To insure and maintain that quality, MTI has partnered with some of the top sport psychology researchers in the world.

Brain-X is a neuroscience research based company aimed at equipping students, teachers, business professionals, and sales consultants alike with a proper online learning experience that will translate into better performance. At the core of the Brain-X programs is their relentless pursuit to provide the concepts that each individual learner needs in order for their brain to reach mastery. Supported by their tireless hours of research, Brain-X has developed an extensive learning system dedicated to creating new neural connections as you learn the material; resulting in a deeper understanding, mastery, and later improved performance. Aside from their dedication to mastery, Brain-X also considers the individual learner in the equation; accounting for the information already known, how quickly they process new information, and even the amount of reinforcement each learner needs along the way. This attention to the learner, as well as the research backing their programs is what makes Brain-X so appealing. Offering a truly customized learning experience for every type of learner, based on solid research and proven results; Brain-X has much in common with their new partner.

According to Dr. Robert Neff, Founder and CEO of MTI, “BrainX is a perfect partnership for MTI. They are committed to enhancing the learning process through a combination of neuroscience and memory fundamentals. Our first collaboration is a series of online salesperson and manager courses to enhance their mental toughness and hence sales performance.”

Mental Training, Inc. and Brain-X share a number of similarities; both offer a customized program to clients and both have clear research supporting their services. They also share a core concept; learning. Brain-X, much like Mental Training, Inc., acknowledges the amazing capacity of the brain and thus the individual’s innate nature to learn new concepts that can result in improved performance. Expanding these concepts beyond sports, both Brain-X and Mental Training, Inc. extend mental preparation and mastery to business forums; understanding that it is not only athletes that can benefit from having a centered state of mind and renewed confidence in their abilities. Brain-X and Mental Training Inc.’s recognition of this fact makes this a truly advantageous partnership, and one that will prove to have a tremendous impact not only in sport but in business as well.

About Mental Training, Inc.
Mental Training, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Robert Neff, Ph.D. with the goal of helping good athletes become great. MTI and its 25 Certified Mental Trainers® offer 1-on-1 mental training with amateur, professional, and Olympic athletes. Services also include programs designed for teams, associations, and school districts. Extending beyond sports, Mental Training, Inc. also works with executives, managers and salespeople, helping them control their thoughts and emotions while equipping them with the mental tools to perform their best when it matters most.


Mental Training, Inc.
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