Parents play an enormous role in developing youth athletes, but almost HALF of all parents make unintentional mistakes that harm their child’s development. With this in mind, Mental Training, Inc. CEO, Dr. Bob Neff and his wife recently spoke on Parenting Aces radio show to provide expert guidance on how parents can be most effective with their child athletes.

While every parent thinks that they are doing the right thing when it comes to supporting their child’s athletic development, the reality is that many could do much better. In a study from the Institute of Youth Sports at Michigan State University, researchers found that at least 40% of parents create a negative environment for their youth athlete. Dr. Bob Neff, Founder and CEO of Mental Training, Inc., and his wife Tami, joined the Parenting Aces radio show ( recently to talk about how mental training can help parents maximize their athlete’s development.

As a world leader in mental toughness training, MTI has worked with thousands of parents and their child athletes to teach them key mental skills to enhance performance. “Our goal is to help athletes perform their best when it matters the most, and when we can get parents to understand how their influence affects their child’s mental game, everybody wins,” says Dr. Neff.

There is a growing need to educate sports parents on the impact that they have on their young athletes. MTI has created a program that fulfills this need and does exactly that. “We created our Parent Mental Trainer (PMT) program with the thought in mind that every parent could benefit from learning at least one skill to better support their child’s athletic development,” says Tami Neff, mother of 2 athletes and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MTI.

PMT assesses a parent’s mental toughness and teaches ideal parent roles, how to be a positive support, how to manage stress, and how to control emotions on the sidelines. There is also a forum where parents can interact with Mental Trainers® and other parents. For the first time, parents can be on the same page mentally as their child athletes.

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About Mental Training, Inc.
Mental Training, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Robert Neff, Ph.D. with the goal of helping good athletes become great. MTI and its team of Certified Mental Trainers® offer 1-on-1 mental training for amateur, professional, and Olympic athletes. Services also include programs designed for teams, associations and school districts. Extending beyond sports, MTI also works with executives, managers and salespeople, helping them control their thoughts and emotions while equipping them with the mental tools to perform their best when it matters most.