Overcoming Anxiety & Nervousness

Mental Tip: Overcoming Anxiety & Nervousness

No athletes enjoy competing when they have a knot in the pit of their stomach and their hands are shaking. The interesting thing is, they’re doing it to themselves because anxiety is self-induced! The good part about that is that if they’re causing it then they also have the power to make it go away. However, to do that, they have to know more about where anxiety & nervousness comes from.

Here’s the process that typically happens:

  1. A competition that you think is “important” is getting close to starting;
  2. There are 2 other situations that also tend to produce anxiety, when the score gets close and when you’re trying to close out a competition;
  3. When under any of those situations, most athletes tend to start thinking about the future (what might happen or what others might think);
  4. Because those thoughts are highly uncontrollable, and the importance of the outcome is high, anxiety is the result;
  5. We don’t know any athletes who compete well with high anxiety and nervousness. The best find ways to reduce anxiety so they feel calm and confident.

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