Why Do I Perform Well in Practice But Not in Competition?

Mental Tip: How to Perform as Well in Competition as in Practice

This is the most asked question we get as Mental Trainer®. It’s the biggest reason athletes consider starting a mental toughness program. They know they can perform well, but they’re not doing it when it matters the most. They know they must be doing “something” to sabotage themselves during competition, but they’re not sure what. Here’s the process that typically happens:

Practices have gone well and expectations begin: “I should do really well in this upcoming competition.”
Because expectations are always about the future, and the future is mostly uncontrollable, stress, anxiety and fear begin.
As the competition nears, thoughts continue to increase negative emotions: “I performed poorly last time, what if it happens again?” With these negative emotions comes tighter muscles and a racing, negative mind – things that are never associated with peak performances.

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