For many, the beginning of a new year signifies a fresh start and an opportunity to outline what you hope to achieve in the New Year. However, establishing new goals can often seem daunting and pointless, especially if you haven’t successfully achieved them in the past.

New Year’s goal setting struggles are not just limited to the skeptics; even the enthusiasts lose steam and have a hard time meeting their goals for the New Year. So what can everybody do differently to increase their chances for success?

To effectively create and execute your New Year’s resolutions, follow these 7 steps:

1. Post your goals in a visible place (you need to remember your goals)

2. Create intermediary goals using a Roadmap (you have to identify sub-goals that will help you move step-by-step to achieve your primary goals)

3. Set automatic reminders in your phone/computer calendar (scheduling time to work on your goals is the best way to develop habits and make the change you are seeking permanent!)

4. Get someone else involved with you (nothing like having a friend to keep you motivated!)

5. Be accountable to someone else (sometimes we need someone else to keep us on track and hold us responsible – even if you don’t think this is you, try it. It really helps! Make sure you pick someone that you work well with and that you positively respond to when receiving constructive feedback.)

6. Create a consequence (rewards and punishments for meeting your sub- and primary goals can really be effective – be sure to make these consequences something that are actually meaningful to you)

7. Write out your reason WHY – the bigger it is the more likely the goals will be completed (this is one of the most important things you can do when setting goals – finding out your WHY will keep you motivated even when the going gets tough.)

Consider this: “45% of Americans set yearly goals…but only 8% are successful.” – Journal of Clinical Psychology (Dec 2012)

As you reflect on your goals from 2012, and strive for new ones in 2013, remember the above 7 mental training steps that you’ve been given, and that Mental Training, Inc. is here for ya for every step of your goal attainment journey!

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About the Authors
Dr. Bob Neff is the founder of Mental Training, Inc. and has provided mental training services for athletes, performers, and business executives since 1990. His athlete clients include world champions, and Olympic Gold Medalists. Dr. Bob is on the United States Olympic Committee sport psychology registry. Sarah Frey earned her masters degree in Kinesiology & Sports Psychology from the University of North Texas and is a Certified Mental Trainer®. Both Dr. Bob and Sarah are among 25 Mental Trainers® who provide 1 on 1 mental training in the Dallas area and worldwide through video Skype.