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Success doesn’t have to be sporadic, in fact it should be quite deliberate. 7 Tips you MUST Learn In Order to be a Sports Champion

You wouldn't expect to peak as an athlete if you didn't master the technical elements of your sport. You wouldn't expect to reach your potential if you only gave a half-hearted effort to maximizing your fitness and movement. The same applies with your mental skills development. It may be true that some sports champions are [...]

Stephen’s Saga-Post #4 Do You Fight When Your Injured?

Sometimes I hate it when I have to take my own advice. If you have been following these, then you will know that this past Saturday I was competing at the US Open, in Las Vegas. You will also know that my last blog was about controlling things that I can, and forgetting the rest. [...]

Talented Athletes Without Discipline Are a Dime a Dozen.

Dr. Robert Weinberg, who is one of the most renowned Sports Psychology researchers in the country and author of the #1 college textbook in the industry, "Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology," describes mental training simply as “a systematic and consistent practice of mental skills.” And I want to emphasize “systematic and consistent” because, unfortunately, [...]

Noah’s Saga – Post #2 Try without Caring

I have been thinking about what Dr. Neff (my mental trainer, I usually call him Doc) said as I move away from an intense caring attitude and into a more relaxed, more fun, more energetic way of being. I watch my confidence grow and my performances in practice get better and better. It is really [...]