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The Importance Of Sleep

How Important Is Sleep? "Psychology and sleep researchers have confirmed that your emotional stability and cognitive strength are strongly affected by your sleep. But it’s actually even more significant than that - poor sleep contributes to alterations in mood, concentration, motivation, attention and motor skills (coordination and timing). If you were wondering why there's a [...]

Mental Training, Inc. and USTA Northern California partner for Tennis Takeover

Mental Training, Inc., a company aimed to make good athletes great through mental preparation and toughness, has partnered with the esteemed United States Tennis Association (USTA) Northern California; a partnership that will undoubtedly have an effect on the entire tennis community. USTA is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization dedicated to the promotion and growth of tennis. [...]

Mental Keys for Cowboys Against the Giants

By Brad Jurica and Anthony Eads, MTI Mental Trainers® When the final horn sounds in the NFC East game this Sunday, the mentally toughest team will be the one lifting their coach. Football, especially football in December, is all about mental toughness. Jason Garrett even stated recently, “The best teams in this league are the [...]

Why Did LeBron James Choke and Dirk Nowitzki Shine?

By Carla-Dyann Brown & Dr. Bob Neff, Mental Trainers® The 2011 NBA Finals were an exciting victory for some, and a devastating defeat for others.  Although the actions of many were questioned and reviewed, one of the most notable athletes accused of performing at sub-par levels during the NBA Finals was Miami Heat star, LeBron [...]

The Emotion-Memory-Confidence Relationship

There is an interesting relationship between Emotion, Memory and Confidence. Research clearly tells us that strong emotions create more vivid, long-lasting memories. Athletes need to have mistake amnesia and remember their successes. Our mental and physical practice also affects our memories. If what we remember is positive, our confidence will be higher. We then know [...]

Stephen’s Saga-Post #6 Play For Fun and Be Willing To Get Better!

I'm just a few days away from competition again, and I must admit I'm getting excited! At this weekend's National Qualifier in Colorado I only have 2 other people in my bracket, so essentially all I would have to do is weigh in and I will have qualified without competing. I have had a couple [...]

5 Most Common Sport Performance Issues – What To Do, When You Don’t Know What To Do.

As a competing athlete, you've been taught the rules of your sport, strategies on how to win, and how to get fit and strong. So I would ask you, how much do you practice your mental skills? We find the most common answer is: "I don't." As a result, many athletes begin to break down [...]

Stephen’s Saga-Post #5 Don’t let your habits become a crutch. Use them to YOUR advantage.

This week was a relaxing week since I just fought. The interesting thing is I usually take the week after a tournament completely off. However, I found myself staying in the training pattern of visualizing every day. I was already focusing on the next goal of U-24 National Team Trials in early April. Then I [...]

Success doesn’t have to be sporadic, in fact it should be quite deliberate. 7 Tips you MUST Learn In Order to be a Sports Champion

You wouldn't expect to peak as an athlete if you didn't master the technical elements of your sport. You wouldn't expect to reach your potential if you only gave a half-hearted effort to maximizing your fitness and movement. The same applies with your mental skills development. It may be true that some sports champions are [...]