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Emotions, Memory and Confidence

Emotions, Memory and Confidence How they are related and why your perception is so important By Sheryl Kline Cardiff, M.A. [email protected] Do you remember the last time something intensely emotional happened to you? I remember vividly where I was, what I was wearing and how I felt when I was disqualified for going off course in [...]

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Positive Self Talk

Positive Self Talk Why It's Important and 3 Things You Can Do to Practice How we talk to ourselves can affect many aspects of our performance. Two main results of Self Talk are our emotional state and confidence, two factors that can have a profound impact on our ability to perform our best. So, if you want [...]

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High School Volleyball Tryouts: Preparing Mentally

High School Volleyball Tryouts: Preparing Mentally By Sheryl Kline Cardiff, [email protected] It can be devastating to practice and work so hard only to have past and/or future thoughts and worries disrupt what you are capable of. Tryouts, especially very competitive ones, can produce emotions that get in the way of allowing you to perform [...]

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