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What separates high performers from their competition? Heart-breaks, blood, broken bones, ruptured tendons and surgeries…Really?

After years of working with Athletes of all levels we have learned that effective mental training is what separates high performers from their competition.  Obviously athletes at every level need to take care of both the physical AND the mental, but top athletes from all sports have one thing in common: They get the physical [...]

Stephen’s Introduction-Taekwondo World Competitor

Athlete: Stephen Lambdin Born: 03/09/1988 Age: 21 Sport: Taekwondo Level: World Competitions Position/Weight: Heavy (Over 84kg/185lbs) Experience: Multiple time USA National Team Member Current team: USA U24-National Team, Team Jirro Current Goal: 2010 US OPEN Champion More about me: My parents have told me that as soon as I could walk, I was constantly kicking [...]

The Saga Blog – Real Athletes Striving

As Mental Trainers, we get to work with the best of the best.  Guess what? Even the best find themselves on an occasional roller coaster going from extreme highs to extreme lows.  We've asked a few MTI clients, with particularly compelling stories, to participate in our Saga Blog.  There is much you will learn as [...]

Most People Won’t Make It – Will You?

Reaching Your 2010 Goals Well, it's a new year and if you're like most people, you’re making plans, taking a fresh look at your life, and recommitting to 'doing it better' in 2010.  Unfortunately, research shows that most people won't do it better and their well- intentioned resolutions will rapidly disappear. We want it to [...]